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The Evercookie

Seems as long as there has been the Internet, there has been some sort of a nuisance one way or another creating havoc in one form or another.

Most of us really dislike having something or someone interfering with our concerns, well, generally speaking anyway. Cookies seem to be the persistent and ever-present nuisance in our lives!

Ok, the basic description of a cookie: It is described as a relatively small amount (fly-speck by comparison) of text data that is stored by users' browsers. Cookies are used to save preferences and log session information. These can and often are used for tracking and marketing purposes.  Hence, there are privacy concerns. Most major browsers include mechanisms for their removal / deletion and even refusing to accept cookies from websites. Cookies can be used to save a user's log-in information, so he/she doesn't have to type it again the next time he/she logs in.  However, frequently cookies are used for tracking users so advertisements can be customized for their interests.

Enter now into one of the more disruptive and nuisance cookies: "The Evercookie".