Sierra Dawn

Community Computer Class


  • Jun 2016: We are very happy to announce that Michael Shook has agreed to be an instructor for the class.  We appreciate his willingness to donate his time! Michael has 20 years experience in the education field, and is well-versed in technology and computers.
  • Mar 2016: Jay has passed away.  We will miss him!
  • Jan 2016: We are now teaching Windows 10
  • Jan 2015:  Happy New Year!  We are looking forward to a new year at the Community Computer Class.  We are now offering one-on-one instruction in the use of Tablets.  Please stop by!
  • May 2014: The Sierra Dawn Community Computer Class welcomes Larry Lyle.  He is known as "The Computer Music Man," and offers private tutoring.
  • Mar 2014: The Sierra Dawn Community Computer Class welcomes Jay Foley. He is an Identity Theft Expert and will be teaching about security issues and the use of Windows 7. Jay also offers private tutoring!
  • Aug 2013: The Sierra Dawn Community Computer Class welcomes Lucy Morrow and Jimi Ambrose!  They will be volunteering their time to help make the class a continued success.
  • July 2013: Aaron Burchard has left the class, due to commitments elsewhere.  We will miss him!  Thank you Aaron, for volunteering for the class.
  • March 2012: FIRST CLASS MEETING in Sierra Dawn
    The first class meeting was a success. After a short welcome by Aaron Burchard, Jack Montgomery introduced the class staff. Dan Resley presented a short slide show of dirty, and poorly maintained computers. The "do's and don'ts" of computer maintenance was discussed. Finally, Aaron lectured on some important computer terms.